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Temple Terrace Police Department

Temple Terrace Police Department

Founded on March 8, 1928, the Temple Terrace Police Department serves and protects the citizens of the city of Temple Terrace, throughout the primarily suburban 7-square-mile area just northeast of Tampa. The Temple Terrace Police Department is Hillsborough County's smallest municipal police department.

Today, the agency has grown to 30 civilians in support positions and approximately 50 law enforcement officers. The officers include several detectives who report to a detective corporal and sergeant. Temple Terrace's police department has a 12-member SWAT team and an Armed Response Vehicle.

Traffic safety is managed by the Patrol Division of the Temple Terrace Police Department. Patrol officers provide a variety of services ranging from traffic and DUI enforcement to non-emergency calls for service. The department also has two K-9 teams available to officers and detectives as needed. K-9 teams participate in narcotics investigations and tracking down fleeing suspects.

The Temple Terrace Police Department has a full-time marine patrol services for the Hillsborough River. Through an agreement with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the Maine Unit is responsible for marine, fish, and wildlife law enforcement along the Hillsborough River from the 40th Street bridge in Tampa, all the way north to Nature's Classroom in Hillsborough County.

To keep citizens informed, the agency publishes a weekly Crime Watch Newsletter.

Attorney for an Arrest by the Temple Terrace Police Department

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DUI Arrests by Temple Terrace Police Department

The Temple Terrace Police Department has patrol officers focused on DUI enforcement.

Additional Resources

City of Temple Terrace Police Department - Visit the website of the City of Temple Terrace to find information on the police department. Kenneth R. Albano is the current Chief of Police.

City of Temple Terrace Police Department
11250 N 56th St
Temple Terrace, Florida
(813) 989-7110
Website: http://www.templeterrace.com/171/Police-Department

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