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DUI Arrest by the Plant City Police Department

If you were arrested by an officer with the Plant City Police Department for any felony or misdemeanor offense, including driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at the Sammis Law Firm. 

The Plant City Police Department has jurisdiction over an area of approximately 28 square miles and a population of about 37,000 residents. The police department has approximately 68 sworn law enforcement officers and more than 20 civilian employees.

The Traffic Management Unit of the Plant City Police Department focuses on traffic law enforcement and traffic crash investigation. The traffic unit is a part of the Uniform Patrol Division which has approximately 48 sworn officers and operates on a 24-hour basis.

Unlike in larger police departments with specialized DUI enforcement officers, patrol officers in Plant City generally conduct their own investigations into drunk or drugged driving. Not only do the officers have less training, but they often do not have dashboard or body-worn cameras.

Attorneys for an Arrest in Plant City, FL

The DUI defense attorneys at the Sammis Law Firm represent clients arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol in Plant City, FL, and the surrounding areas in Hillsborough County, FL. We also represent clients charged with other types of felony and misdemeanor offenses.

We are familiar with the tactics used by law enforcement officers at the Plant City Police Department and the standard operating procedures of their agency. For more than ten years, we have been fighting DUI cases in the courthouse in Plant City, FL.

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Plant City's Traffic Unit for DUI Investigations

The goal of the Traffic Unit in Plant City, FL, is to help traffic moves safely and efficiently throughout the City. The unit also investigations cases involving:

The police officers in the Plant City Traffic Unit have received specialized training as Traffic Homicide Investigators. That training includes how to conduct traffic crash reconstruction.

Officers on the traffic unit in Plant City also participate in Community Oriented Policing activities and other functions throughout the community.

Traffic Stops by Officers in Plant City, FL

One of the main responsibilities of the traffic unit is conducting traffic stops for the following types of issues:

  • Criminal investigation when the officer suspects the vehicle or occupants to have been involved in a crime;
  • Safety violations such as no seat belts or children not in car seats;
  • Equipment and/or registration violations; and
  • Moving violations such as reckless driving, failure to maintain a single lane or speeding.

Additional Resources

Read more about the procedures used by the Planty City Police Department and how officers on the Traffic Unit conduct DUI investigations.

Traffic Unit in Plant City for DUI Investigations - Visit the website for the government in Plant City to learn more about the local police department established in 1885. Find out how it conducts traffic and drunk driving investigations. Learn more about units within the Uniform Patrol Division.

Plant City Police Department on Facebook - Follow the Plant City Police Department on Facebook to learn more about upcoming events, job postings, public announcements, and traffic alerts. The police department's posts often request community assistant in identifying wanted suspects or finding fugitives.

This article was last updated on Friday, July 12, 2019.