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Ignition Interlock Device after a Florida DUI

If you have been convicted of DUI in Tampa, Hillsborough County, FL, one of the most expensive and inconvenient requirements is the Ignition Interlock Device.

Florida Statute Section 316.193 requires ignition interlock devices to be installed on all vehicles owed and operated routinely by persons convicted of certain types of DUI offenses in Florida before the individual's driver license can be reinstated.

Since the ignition interlock program began in 2004, more than 21,000 Florida drivers have been forced to comply with this program. In the criminal courts in Tampa, the judge in Hillsborough Countym will make the ignition interlock device a condition of the DUI sentence in certain cases and the clerk's office must report that requirement to the DHSMV electronically.

Who is Required to Install the Ignition Interlock Device?

Pursuant to Florida Statute Section 316.193, the ignition interlock device must be installed on vehicle owed by individuals convicted of DUI under the following circumstances:

ACS Corp. - Interlock Systems of Florida

For drivers in Tampa, Hillsborough County and the southern half of the State of Florida, who require installation of the ignition interlock device, they must use a company called Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp. (ACS Corp). The interlock device must be installed at an authorized service center site.

ACS Corp - Interlock Systems of Florida
(407) 207-3337
Toll Free: 1-866-837-8646
Ignition Interlock Device Company for Tampa, Hillsborough County

You must comply with the installation of the ignition interlock device prior to your driver's license being reinstated, but your time does not start running until you get your driver's license reinstate.

If you believe the ignition interlock device requirement has been required by the DHSMV in error you can pursue a writ of certiorari, which is an appeal that must be filed in circuit court. Unless the driver meets the timeline required, the driver's license will be cancelled.

Ignition Interlock Device Installation Information:


Interlock Systems of Florida Hillsborough County Office 5434 56th Commerce Park Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33634

12908 Dupont Circle
Tampa, FL 33626

Interlock Systems of Florida

Pinellas County Office
Live Oaks Center
9225 Ulmerton Rd, Suite G.
Clearwater, FL 33771

How the Alcohol Interlock Machine Works

Once the ignition interlock machine is installed in the vehicle, the driver must blow in the machine to provide a breath sample before starting the vehicle. Each time the breath sample is given, the machine stores the results of the test and whether any attempt was made to bypass the device.

The ignition interlock device uses fuel cell technology to disable the vehicle if the driver's breath sample measures a blood alcohol level over .05, although the court can order a lower threshold.If the driver blows over .05 then the vehicle will not start, and the driver will be locked out of restarting the vehicle for four (4) hours.

The ignition interlock device is designed to require a random serious of retesting while the court is moving to ensure that the driver did not use another person's breath to start the vehicle and to ensure that the driver does not consume alcohol while driving.

The initial retest is required within five (5) minutes after the vehicle is started, with additional random retesting after an additional 15 to 30 minutes. After the random retesting alarm, the driver will have up to three (3) minutes to provide the next breath sample before an alarm sounds. Theoretically, this gives the driver time to pull over the vehicle if the driver does not want to attempt the retesting while the vehicle is moving.

Any action deemed by the company to constitute an attempt to bypass the machine require the driver to report to the interlock center to meet with an evaluator for a monitoring session. A second violation requires the driver to meet at least monthly with the evaluator to discuss any continued attempts at drunk driving. Once a violation or high blow is registered, the interlock device will require the driver to bring the vehicle

Once a violation or high blow is registered, the interlock device will require the driver to bring the vehicle into the service center. If the driver does not bring the vehicle into the service center during the five days, then the will not start after the five day period.

The data from each test is stored on a central computer server which can be assessed by law enforcement authorities 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The results of the testing can also be used at a violation of probation hearing in Florida to attempt to prove that the person on DUI probation violated the terms of the probation by consuming alcohol.

The company that installs, maintains, and monitors the ignition interlock device is funded solely by the fees it charges to the driver's required to install the machine.

Costs of the Ignition Interlock Device to Florida Drivers

The ignition interlock device is expensive. The driver responsible for installing the device is solely responsible for the cost. The costs for the ignition interlock device (not including sales tax) include the following:

  • $5 a month for an insurance charge or a one time deposit of $100 which is refundable when the equipment is returned;
  • $70 for installation of the ignition interlock device;
  • $12 fee;
  • $67.50 a month for calibration and monitoring; and
  • $100 refundable deposit or a $5 monthly insurance charge.

Under 316.1937(2)(d), if an individual is deemed to be indigent at the time of sentencing, the court can order that a portion of the fine paid by the individual convicted of DUI be applied to the costs requires for the ignition interlock device to help reduce the total amount paid by the person convicted.

Other Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Fees

$25.00 - IID First Violation Appointment Fee
$25.00 - IID First Violation Missed Appointment Fee
$55.00 - IID Second Violation Case Management Appointment Fee.
$55.00 - IID Second Violation Missed Case Management Appointment Fee
$25.00 - Monthly Fee for IID monitoring associated with a second violation.
$25.00 - IID missed monthly monitoring appointment
$55.00 - IID Third Violation Appointment Fee.
$55.00 - IID Third Violation Missed Appointment Fee
$25.00 - Monthly Fee for IID monitoring associated with a third violation
$25.00 - IID missed monthly monitoring appointment
$25.00 - Fee to Transfer 
$15.00 - Fee that applies to third-time violators to transfer referral to a different agency for treatment from the agency originally selected by the client.Processing referral to another treatment agency from the one originally selected by the client.
$5.00 - DRI Fee (only if DRI is more than six months old).
$10.00 - Added charge for SSS clients required to have IID as part of their DL requirement.

Companies that Provide the Ignition Interlock Device in Florida

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has chosen two businesses to provide the ignition interlock device in Florida. These two ignition interlock device vendors because providing services to Florida drivers on February 1, 2004.

The "P" Restriction on a Florida Driver's License

The ignition interlock device is required in certain cases when the driver applies for reinstatement of a restricted or permanent driver license, or when the driver convicted of DUI petitions for a hardship driver license for "employment purposes" or for "business purposes only" under Florida Statute 322.271.

The official time period required for the ignition interlock device begins once the DHSMV issues the "P" restriction on the driver's Florida Driver's License, which indicates the requirement of having the interlock device.

Driving an Employer's Vehicle with a "P" Restriction

A person with a valid driver's license that has a "P" restriction may operate an employer's vehicle for work-related purposes without installing the device if the employers provide written permission giving the employee permission to drive the vehicle. The driver must provide the letter to any law enforcement officer if stopped for a traffic violation.

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The Hidden Costs of a DUI Conviction

If you have been charged with DUI you should begin to educate yourself about the hidden costs associated with a DUI conviction, including the costs associated with the ignition interlock device. Contact the attorneys at the Sammis Law Firm to discuss the particular facts of your case.

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