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DUI School in Tampa, FL

If you were arrested within the last 10 days, don't enroll in DUI school just so that you can get an immediate hardship license. Instead, hire an attorney to demand a formal review hearing and provide you with a forty-two (42) day permit so you can keep driving to work and school while the attorney fights the administrative suspension.

The formal review hearing at the Bureau of Administrative Review (BAR) office is the most important part of your case. It gives your attorney a chance to question all of the witnesses against you and lock them into their story. If they made a mistake, the best way to find that out is during the formal review hearing. Don't just waive all your rights and stipulate to the administrative suspension without talking to an experienced DUI defense attorney about the better alternatives.

We wrote this article to give you tips about how and when to complete DUI school. If you live or work in Hillsborough County, or if you attend school there, then you can attend the classes with the DUI Counterattack, Hillsborough, Inc. in Tampa.

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What is DUI School?

Under Florida law, anyone convicted of DUI must complete a substance abuse education course, attend a certified evaluation session, attend any recommended follow-up counseling or treatment recommended by the DUI program.

In fact, after a conviction, the judge in Hillsborough County, FL, is required to impose a requirement that you successfully complete DUI school as a condition of probation.

Even if you are not convicted of DUI in court, you must also complete DUI school before you will qualify for hardship driving privileges or reinstatement after an administrative suspension if your criminal defense attorney doesn't get the suspension invalidated during the formal review hearing.

The Tampa DUI Counterattack School is the official DUI school certified by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for Hillsborough County, FL. Anyone who lives or works in DUI school must attend DUI school at DUI Counterattack, Inc., even if the DUI occurred in another county. To complete the Tampa DUI School you can register on-line, by mail or in person.

At the Sammis Law Firm our DUI Lawyers in Tampa, Florida, take a full-service approach to DUI defense by assisting our clients with every detail of their case. We have provided this general information to assist anyone looking for information on DUI Schools in Tampa, FL.

Should I Enroll in Level I or Level II DUI School?

The administrative rules for DUI Schools in Florida are found in Rule 15A-10.025 which provides:

  1. The standardized Level II curriculum shall be used. It shall be a minimum of twenty-one (21) hours in length. Modifications cannot be used unless approved by the Department utilizing the Criteria Checklist for Level II Curricula, HSMV Form 77049, incorporated by reference in Rule 15A-10.043, F.A.C.
  2. The total time for breaks made available to students shall not exceed one hundred forty (140) minutes per twenty-one (21) hours of the Level II course....

The rule provides the requirement for "[a]ttendance [in Level II DUI School] shall be determined if the person has previously attended the Level I class or has been convicted two or more times of an offense requiring DUI program attendance."

If attending in pre-conviction status, attendance at Level II will be made if Level I has already been completed. If a client is convicted of another offense while attending the Level I program he must complete both that Level I and a Level II program before receiving a certificate of completion.

A second evaluation shall be conducted if the client was not referred to treatment as a result of the first evaluation. The course shall be taught by using primarily interactive educational techniques in a group consisting of an average of 15 people.

When you schedule your evaluation, make sure you bring the following information: 

  • a copy of the breath/blood alcohol or urinalysis results or documentation that it is unavailable, or documentation of refusal;
  • proof of social security and/or driver license number and/or picture identification;
  • a copy of your probable cause/arrest affidavit and/or traffic crash report or documentation that it is not available;
  • original official full driving record (dated within 30 days of your enrollment.

When is DUI School Required - After an Arrest or After a Conviction?

You may be required to take DUI school even if your DUI case is dropped or dismissed. Even if you are NOT convicted of DUI in Hillsborough County, FL, if you are subject to an administrative suspension (because you blew over the legal limit or refused to submit) and lost your review hearing to invalidate the suspension, then you must still enroll in DUI school in order to obtain a hardship driver's license for work or business purposes only.

Failure to complete DUI school requirements can result in a notice of cancellation being sent to the DHSMV, as well as the repayment of the full fees if you re-enroll during the administrative suspension period.

90 Day Rule for DUI School

All of the following requirements for DUI School Program must be completed within 90 days of your original enrollment date:

  1. You must complete all of the enrollment paperwork;
  2. You must complete the appropriate mandated DUI education program;
  3. You must complete a substance abuse evaluation with a State certified evaluator;
  4. You must complete any follow-up substance abuse treatment recommended by the State certified evaluator and show proof of intake.

If you fail to complete any of the above-mentioned requirements within 90 days, you must re-enroll in the program again, and complete the entire program again and pay and program fees to avoid certain consequences to your driver's license.

Failure to Complete the DUI Program Requirements

If you are convicted of DUI and fail to complete the DUI program, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) may cancel your driving privileges. 

Even if your Florida driver's license has been reinstated, after a DUI conviction a failure to complete the substance abuse treatment as recommended by the certified Evaluator, your reinstated driver's license may be canceled pursuant to Florida Statute 322.291.

Hillsborough County DUI School Counterattack
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Plant City DUI Counterattack DUI School Location
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[Evaluations and registrations are held in Brandon Office, while the classes are held at the Holiday Inn Express in Plant City]

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Level I - Tampa DUI School (After First DUI Arrest) - The new enrollment cost is $268 (previously the enrollment costs were $233.00).

The Level I course is for first-time offenders requires a minimum of 12 hours of classroom instruction with interactive and didactic educational techniques. Tampa Level I DUI School - Connect directly to information about the Level One DUI Program in Tampa, FL.

Level II - Tampa DUI School (After Second or Subsequent DUI Arrest) - The new enrollment cost is $413 (previously the enrollment costs were $363.00.

The Level II course is for persons with a prior DUI. The Level II DUI School in Tampa requires a minimum of 21 hours of classroom time which focuses primarily on interactive educational techniques in a group setting. The average class size may not exceed 15 students.

Level II DUI School in Hillsborough County focuses on issues confronting the repeat offender. The class also prepares the student for treatment which is typically required for the students in the Level II DUI program, although placement in Level II does not replace substance abuse treatment. Tampa Level II DUI School - Connect directly to information about the Level Two DUI Program in Tampa, FL.

The Requirements for the DUI School Evaluation in Tampa, FL

Anyone required to enroll in DUI School must also complete a substance abuse evaluation. The purpose of the substance abuse evaluation is to determine whether you have a possible drug or alcohol abuse problem and to refer you to follow up abuse counseling, if deemed necessary. Additional fees for the follow-up counseling are required.

When you appear for the evaluation, you must bring the following documents with you. If you fail to bring the following documents, you will be required to reschedule the appointment (and pay a rescheduling fee):

1. Copy of the arrest affidavit and/or traffic crash report;

  • Arrest affidavits are provided at no charge at the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Hillsborough County.
  • Out of County or Out of State DUI Arrest - You will need to contact the court in the county or state you were arrested in or the arresting agency for arrest documents such as the arrest report or citation.

2. Current official full driving record from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV);

  • keep in mind that "current" means that the original driving record must be dated within 30 days of your enrollment;

  • the driving record cannot be obtained via a third party provider or internet source; and

  • individuals with out of state licenses must obtain a full official driving record from that state); and

3. Copy of the results of your breath test, blood test and/or urinalysis results.

  • For the results of your blood test or urine screen, you can contact your attorney, the arresting agency, or the hospital. If the results are not available, your attorney can write a letter stating that the results have not yet been provided through the discovery obtained from the prosecutor.

  • In some cases, the results are never provided if the charges are dropped or if the case is resolved before the test results come back (especially when the defendant refuses to waive his right to a speedy trial).

You will not receive a certificate of completion until these documents are received (or you must submit proof that the listed documents are not available in your particular case). If the results of your DRI test are not valid, then you must re-take the test within five (5) business days of your substance abuse evaluation appointment.

Florida Licensed DUI Programs

Safety First Traffic School - DUI Counterattack Hillsborough - Find out more about a number of certified traffic safety classes offered including Tampa Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI) (may keep points off a Florida driver's license after being issued a traffic ticket), Tampa Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course, Tampa Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC) (for Florida driver's cited with either any traffic offense involving property damages of $500 or with any two (2) traffic crashes within any two (2) year period.

Licensed DUI Programs in Florida - Visit the website for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to learn more about the Florida DHSMV’s Bureau of Motorist Compliance and DUI Programs. Find a list of licensed DUI programs listed by county. Under Rule 15A-10, F.A.C., this bureau maintains quality assurance and evaluates the programs’ effectiveness for both DUI Level I and DUI Level II schools. The DUI programs are private and professional non-profit organizations that provide treatment referral services, a psychosocial evaluation and education to DUI offenders to satisfy judicial and driver licensing requirements. Find more information on:

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