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Website Design for DUI Attorneys

Our website was designed by Internet Lava, LLC. In 2010, the company helped us design a better website and internet marketing strategy. Internet Lava, LLC, is experienced with building websites for criminal defense and DUI / DWI lawyers throughout the United States.

Internet Lava, LLC, does everything from designing the website to writing more than 60 pages of unique and informative content. The company uses attorneys to write and edit the content. They also add and update the content over the course of the contract.

Having really good content is the best way to attract your ideal clients. We answer the same questions during every initial consultation. Internet Lava uses that information to answer those same questions online.

The content discusses drunk driving laws in our state and the procedures used in our jurisdiction. For instance, in Florida, there are more than 15 different ways that a DUI can be charged. This website design company helped us create a page on each of these different types of charges.

The website also discusses programs and procedures in DUI cases that are unique to this jurisdiction, including the new RIDR diversion program for a first offense. Because the company has worked with so many DUI attorneys, over time, the company has developed a lot of good ideas about how to help attorneys attract their ideal clients online.

The websites designed by Internet Lava, LLC, are unique because they highlight the firm's distinguishing characteristics and showcase the firm's reputation in the legal community. Their strategy is focused on search engine optimization (SEO) to grow search rankings for targeted keywords.

The company also focuses on conversion optimization so that more of our ideal potential clients pick up the phone to schedule a consultation.

Read more about Internet LAVA's philosophy on Website Design for DUI Lawyers.

Disclaimer: We signed an exclusive contract with the company for internet marketing services in Hillsborough County, FL. We also invested in the company in early 2010 when it was founded. We still own part of the company today. Investing in Internet Lava and working with the talented employees in the company has been one of the best decisions we ever made for our practice.

Content Management Systems for DUI Attorneys

The website makes it easy to edit or update the content on our website. We just log into the website, select the page we want to edit, make the change and push the save button.

The website is also designed so that it is simple for us to add additional pages of web content over time. Internet LAVA, LLC, provided us with an extremely cost-effective way to market our practice. The website is also mobile-friendly and looks great on a smartphone or tablet.

Having a website with Internet Lava, LLC, means that the four attorneys in our firm can focus on the types of cases that we want - DUI cases in Hillsborough County, FL, and the surrounding areas. The website has helped us convey information and communicate our message to our ideal clients before they even pick up the phone. 

Our staff likes the fact that when potential clients call our office - one of their first questions is, "When can I schedule an appointment in the office to meet with the attorney?"

If you want more information about Internet Lava, LLC, then give us a call. We would be happy to tell you more about our experience with building our website and the advantages of working with the company.

DUI Directories for Attorneys

Internet Lava, LLC, also creates dozens of online profiles for each attorney in the law firm including profiles on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Internet LAVA, LLC, helped us optimize our profiles on other criminal defense and DUI defense directories.

Internet Lava, LLC, is also the parent company to Lawyer Legion, an online attorney directory for DUI lawyers across the United States. Lawyer Legion also powers the membership directory for NORML's National Legal Committee (NLC).

Click here to see how the directory works for finding DUI attorneys in Florida. If you are a DUI defense attorney, then claim your free profile on Lawyer Legion today.

Read more about the reasons to claim your profile on the online DUI lawyer directory at Lawyer Legion and a list of the best DUI attorney directories online.

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