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Problems with a Cheap DUI Attorney

One of the most important decisions you will make after your DUI arrest is how you will fight for the best result. The amount of money you pay in attorney fees is a very important consideration.

The cheapest way to resolve your case often involves hiring a good attorney to fight the case aggressively. But if you hire a “cheap” attorney, you might end up saving a little bit of money in the short term but paying a lot more overall.

Contact us about the best way to challenge the administrative “on the spot” suspension by demanding a formal review hearing at the Bureau of Administrative Reviews (BAR) at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

We can also help you understand the importance of fighting the case in court to avoid the penalties that come with a DUI conviction.

The attorneys at the Sammis Law Firm provide an affordable and aggressive defense at every stage of the case. We focused on DUI defense in Tampa, FL.

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Average Costs to Hire a DUI Attorney in Tampa, FL

The price of the attorney is determined by a number of factors including their experience and their focus on DUI defense. Keep in mind that hiring the most expensive attorney in town doesn’t necessarily mean that you hired the best attorney for your case.

Especially for DUI defense, you need a local, experienced, and aggressive attorney who is focused on DUI defense. Although we are not cheap, we work hard to provide our clients with the best value and overall strategy when it comes to fighting all aspects of the DUI case from the administrative suspension through the final resolution of the criminal case in court.

At the Sammis Law Firm, our attorneys provide affordable options to fight the case aggressively with the goal of avoiding a DUI conviction.

Avoiding the Hidden Expenses After a DUI Arrest

Not only do you have to worry about finding an affordable attorney and the direct consequences that might be imposed by the court if you are convicted of DUI, but you also have to worry about a dramatic increase in your insurance premiums for at least the next three years after your case is resolved.

If you are convicted, the court can impose fines, court costs, cost of prosecution, costs of investigation, costs of supervision, and the cost to buy out community service hours. If you suffer an administrative suspension or a court-ordered suspension, then you must pay a reinstatement fee to the DHSMV.

Having a criminal record can also be expensive when it comes time for a promotion or when you are searching for a new job.

On the other hand, if you hire an experienced and aggressive attorney, you might spend less overall even though your attorney is not the cheapest attorney in town. The cheapest attorney might mean that you spend more overall than other people that hire a good and aggressive attorney for their case.

If you cannot afford a private attorney, you can request that a public defender is appointed in your case. The public defender’s office has attorneys who provide legal services for free to people who are declared to be indigent.

Keep in mind that an Assistant Public Defender is not typically allowed to represent you during a formal review hearing, but they can represent you during all phases of the criminal case.

DUI Defense Attorneys Provide a Free Consultation

Don’t just look for the cheapest DUI attorney in town. Instead, hire an attorney focused on DUI defense with the most experience who will aggressively fight your case to help you fight to achieve the best possible result.

The good news is that DUI defense attorneys in Tampa, FL, provide a free office consultation. Sit down to speak with the attorney to find out how to fight your case aggressively. The more your charges are reduced, the more money you will save. An attorney can help you provide your driver’s license, your driving record, and your criminal history record.

During the consultation, the attorney can explain the best ways to save money as you fight to protect your rights. We proved free estimates and a written fee agreement, so you know exactly how much your case will cost for both attorney fees and costs.

If you avoid a DUI conviction, you may be able to seal or expunge your criminal record. For many people, protecting their good name is extremely valuable. Before you decide, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss your case. Call us at 813-250-0500 to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

This article was last updated on Friday, July 31, 2020.